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…a community where women can break the old rules, shatter stereotypes, make more money, celebrate their wins, embrace their authenticity and  
be who they came to be.      



authentiCITY is ALL about you….but for now MEET US!


authentiCITY is the only social platform & community designed for women who want to get results in their business by leveraging real and authentic skills, free from gimmicks and scripts in a supportive, fun community. You can have everything you desire in your business without sacrificing friendships, burning social media connections, or running 100 mph away from your family all the time.

How do we know? Because we did it and have helped thousands of women to do the same.

We are Amanda & Tara the founders of authentiCITY and we know exactly how you feel! We met in corporate America and both of us, have created purposeful & meaningful income as entrepreneurs, while being mom's and having a life!

We hope you invest in YOU and become part of authentiCITY! We cannot wait to meet you and to help you elevate your results to make your direct sales business EVERYTHING you dreamed it would be.



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