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5 Secrets for Social Media Success

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate your business into your social media feed without being that girl who is always selling something?

-How do I promote my product & my business & not sell?

-How do I get more people to follows and likes?

-How do I create engaging content?

-How do I get results on social without being "that girl"?

If you have EVER asked yourself any of these questions then this workbook is for you! This workbook is designed for boss babes just like you who want to up their social media game and develop a social media strategy that ACTUALLY works!

The goal of this workbook is to help you to design a strategy that is UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC. One that positions you and your lifestyle and one that attracts the right people to you! Your authentic voice is what your audience is waiting to hear and these five secrets can help you build intrigue, curiosity, interest, and help position you as the "expert" in your field! Ultimately resulting in more profits for YOU and your business!

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Be Who You Came to Be

Working women wear a lot of different hats and live a lot of different lives. Finding balance between career, family and community continues to be a struggle for women throughout the world. It’s easier said than done to climb the career ladder and relinquish feelings of exhaustion, inadequacy, guilt and unhappiness. 

Finding purpose, balancing career and home and living happy are three priorities among working women. In response to these situations, we ask ourselves many questions, including:

  • How do I make an impact?

  • How do I find my purpose?

  • How do I become the best version of myself?

  • How do I create sustainable happiness?

  • How can I be successful at work and in the home?

She… who you came to be is a thought-provoking, inspiring, genuine and fresh approach that answers these questions and helps working women unlock and unleash their purposes in life. 

Tara takes a new and refreshing approach to help working women find balance and be who they came to be. She combines her 20 years of success in corporate and direct sales along with her role as a wife and mother so she can offer her audience an experience and a message that are sincere, motivating, relatable and game changing. 

Experience Objectives:

  • Understand fulfillment vs. happiness and why fulfillment is a better gauge and driver of success and purpose than happiness

  • Discover why balance is both impossible and unnecessary

  • Determine what fuels your purpose, and remove feelings of guilt, envy and inadequacy

  • Learn how to embrace fear, deconstruct it and take risks to be who you came to be

  • Gain clarity about your strengths and opportunities to create a personal development bucket list

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The authentic Recruiter