authentiCITY Elite is a group coaching community for women in direct sales and female entrepreneurs. A virtual community where you can be who YOU came to be.

At authentiCITY we never play small. We never dull our light in fear it might be too bright for some. We've ditched the scripts and take a fresh approach to success in direct sales. YOU are the differentiator.

You're NOT "THAT" girl. You don't have to be "THAT" girl to be successful in direct sales..... (you know that crazy direct sales lady who uses canned scripts and gimmicky high-pressure tactics to run her business). We share the secrets to a better way - an AUTHENTIC way - to success.

Join us to unlock more fulfillment, potential, success, abundance and joy in your life. You're perfectly flawed, unapologetically authentic and we believe YOU are capable and worthy of all the success you can imagine!