who we are

At authentiCITY we never play small.

We never dull our light in fear it might be too bright for some.

We've ditched the scripts and take a fresh approach to success in direct sales.

YOU are the differentiator.

You're NOT "THAT" girl. You don't have to be "THAT" girl to be successful in direct sales..... (you know that crazy direct sales lady who uses canned scripts and gimmicky high-pressure tactics to run her business). We share the secrets to a better way - an AUTHENTIC way - to success.

Join us to unlock more fulfillment, potential, success, abundance and joy in your life. You're perfectly flawed, unapologetically authentic and we believe YOU are capable and worthy of all the success you can imagine!


meet the founders

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Meet Amanda

Amanda Thompson is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, inspiring trainer, speaker; and thought leader.  She is also a wife and a Bonus-Mom to three kids, who built a seven figure side-hustle in Direct Sales. With extensive and diverse experience in recruiting, sales, marketing, and leadership; she co-founded authentiCITY with partner Tara Renze to offer a one of a kind community for women in direct sales.

Amanda’s vibrant energy is relatable and relevant.  Her heartfelt messages speak directly to women who are seeking to create purposeful and meaningful results in their direct sales business while successfully navigating careers, family responsibilities, partnerships and relationships.  Through her workshops, seminars, keynotes, and writings; Amanda empowers women of diverse backgrounds and talent levels to authentically attract business without using scripts or outdated, high-pressure tactics. Her refreshing and real approach creates an applicable and unforgettable experience.

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Meet Tara

Tara Renze is an entrepreneur, speaker, inspirer, blogger, thought-leader, wife and mother and is redefining how we unleash purpose and create sustainable happiness and success in life. After two decades of success in corporate leadership and direct selling, she co-founded authentiCITY to share her passions and help other women in direct sales live the life they desire, envision and deserve.

Tara has a true passion and talent for guiding women to harness and realize their full potential. Through social media, seminars, insights and writings, she helps women become the best version of themselves, achieve unlimited success, live fulfilled and pursue their passions. Tara takes a new and refreshing approach to help women find purpose and be who they came to be. She combines her success in corporate leadership and direct sales along with her roles as a wife and a mother to offer her audience an experience and a message that are sincere, motivating, relatable and game changing.