AuthentiCITY Elite Group Coaching - Quarterly

AuthentiCITY Elite Group Coaching - Quarterly

45.00 every 3 months

Tired of canned trainings, scripted advice and old sales tactics that no longer work or represent the modern-day woman in direct sales?? If YES – you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to authentiCITY Elite! A Group Coaching Community Created Just for YOU! For less than a glass of champagne a month…. you can be part of this game-changing coaching community. 

authentiCITY Elite is the only group coaching community designed for women in Direct Sales who want to get results in their business by leveraging real and authentic skills, free from gimmicks and scripts in a supportive, fun community. You can have everything you desire in your business without sacrificing friendships, burning social media connections, or running 100 mph away from your family all the time. 

Immerse yourself in a community designed to help you CRUSH your direct sales and network marketing business goals! 

Become an authentiCITY ELITE to unlock:

  • LIVE group coaching, weekly challenges and success secrets

  • Monthly LIVE podcast with business experts

  • Weekly business blitz and GIVEAWAYS

  • Daily focus and inspiration

  • LIVE monthly Success Secrets Workshops and Workbooks: 

    • Success Secrets 101: Be Who You Came to Be

    • Success Secrets 201: Becoming an Authentic Recruiter

    • Success Secrets 301: You the Authentic Recruiter-Mindset

    • Success Secrets 401: You the Authentic Recruiter-Action Plan

    • Success Secrets 501: Secret Insights to Leading a Top Team
      - Plus special workshops like: Your Best Year, Social Media Secrets, Secrets to Engaging Team during “Slow” Months, etc.

Monthly “Theme” provides focus & fuel to drive your business day after day, week after week and month after month. Week at a Glance:

  • Success Secrets for weekly focus and training

  • LIVE and interactive trainings 

  • Weekly activity blitz and GIVEAWAYS

  • Daily inspiration and group learning

  • Spontaneous weekly pop-on coaching bursts to keep you engaged and motivated

  • Friday wrap-up and pull-through

Extra Content, Workshops and Challenges:

  • “Her Success Secrets” - authentiCITY LIVE Podcast

    • Bi-Monthly LIVE Podcast in authentiCITY VIP

    • Industry Experts, Million Dollar Earners, Authors, Business Owners, Movers & Shakers, Bossbabe CEO’s and women who are kicking butt and taking names on their terms.

Foundation Training "Success Secrets" Courses — Offered LIVE Monthly (playback available)

$149 is your annual membership fee. All of THIS for less than 50 cents a day!