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Want to make more money and build a sustainable business in direct sales or network marketing? 

In this training, we reveal 5 Secrets that are holding you back from a 6-figure income and living a life you love.  

  • Grow your direct sales or network marketing business by ditching the scripts, high pressure tactics and other outdated techniques that don't work.

  • Empower yourself to create authentic confidence and take action to build a 6-figure income

  • Join our community of empowered bossbabes who are disrupting the industry, making more money and designing a life they love

What's holding you back from living the life you've always dreamed of and working from wherever you want?

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Free E-Book

How to Grow your Personal Brand on Social Media

Leverage Social Media to Make MONEY ONLINE

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What is ELITE and why should you join?

Tired of canned trainings, scripted advice and old sales tactics that no longer work or represent the modern-day woman in direct sales?? If YES – you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to authentiCITY Elite! A Group Coaching Community Created Just for YOU! For less than a glass of champagne a month…. you can be part of this game-changing coaching community.

authentiCITY Elite is the only group coaching community designed for women in Direct Sales who want to get results in their business by leveraging real and authentic skills, free from gimmicks and scripts in a supportive, fun community. You can have everything you desire in your business without sacrificing friendships, burning social media connections, or running 100 mph away from your family all the time.

Immerse yourself in a community designed to help you CRUSH your direct sales and network marketing business goals!

Become an authentiCITY ELITE to Unlock:

  • Success Secrets for weekly focus and training

  • LIVE and interactive trainings

  • Weekly activity blitz and GIVEAWAYS

  • Daily inspiration and group learning

  • Spontaneous weekly pop-on coaching bursts to keep you engaged and motivated

  • Friday wrap-up and pull-through

  • BossBabe Book Club

  • Savvy Girls Guide for Summer - Workbook, Workshop & Planner